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Multi-Media Swan Speakers for Home and Commercial

Swan Multimedia Speakers have a well deserved reputation for sound quality engineering and finish they are one of the few Multi-media products offering three year Australian warranty.


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Second to none in affordability these offer great performance for the money. A good step up from a basic pair of 'emergency use only' built in computer speakers.




$169.00 *
Delivery weight: 7.3 kg

Second to none in affordability these offer great performance for the money. A good step up from a basic pair of 'emergency use only' built in computer speakers.


$169.00 *
Delivery weight: 7.3 kg

Swan D1010IV The D1010 IV is Swan's affordable desktop 2.0 speaker system. This model includes better grade components like genuine soft dome tweeters, quality 4" midwoofers, and Swan's onboard gainclone-style chipset electronics.

$189.00 *

Swan established the affordable studio monitor as a popular alternative for high-end desktop and computer sound and hundreds of thousands of active Swan desktop speakers have been sold to enthusiasts and gamers worldwide. The fifth generation D1080 IVB now features bluetooth and might just be the best value yet in a full-sized desktop/studio monitor. Big, long-throw 5.25" woofers extend bass response and add loudness... and of all the 5.25" woofered powered Swan models, the D1080 IVB offers great big sound and at a surprisingly affordable price.



$289.00 *

The classy M20W is now available for the first time in Australia. A great step up from our very popular M10s with a bigger subwoofer and separate volume control, these are sure to be a hit for those looking for the next step up in their music and movie listening!         


Was $299.00
$269.00 *
Delivery weight: 10.2 kg

Deriving its style and performance from the leading Swan Diva home theatre systems, the Swan M50W offers enthusiasts yet another breakthrough value in compact, very affordable desktop sound in the 2.1 channel format pioneered by the Swan M10.  


RRP $399 SALE $369

Was $399.00
$369.00 *
Delivery weight: 16 kg

What's different in the fourth-generation M200? The M200MkIII+ Swan studio monitor has doubled the power for the most sound and lowest distortion yet. Swan have completely revised the on-board electronics for a whopping 120 combined system watts, which, means real room-filling output -- remember, the M200 series isn't a tiny multimedia speaker, it is an audiofile speaker with power, finish and dynamic sound     

Three year Australian warranty!



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$575.00 *

Swans H4 System introduces professional monitor technology to the home AV market. Stunning timber joinery Magical performance

Was $599.00
$499.00 *

Swans H System is finished in an ebony veneer covered by piano lacquer, giving a profound and full texture. The electronic circuit design of each unit is both modern and innovative. The H5 powered bookshelf speaker uses professional active electronic filter design and has easy access to front mounted volume control.

Was $749.00
$599.00 *

The T200C is a professional studio monitor / multimedia product. DYNAMIC,  POWERFUL. Reduced from $949 to $799 3 year wty 


Was $949.00
$799.00 *


This is a new high-end desktop surround sound system. The system provides impressive multi-channel sound and is capable of reproducing theater quality sound for desktop theaters and mini home theaters. Based on the M20-5.1 model, the new MKII offers the latest in modern near field acoustic technology.




Was $659.00
$499.00 *

Swans M60-5.1 is HiVi's new desktop multimedia mini theater speaker system is suitable for desktop theaters and mini home theaters.
The satellite speakers of Swans M60-5.1 are designed using a 2-way system, which has a 4" mid-bass driver and a 20mm soft dome tweeter. This two-way design offers smooth frequency response, wide sound dispersion, and accurate sound reproduction.

Was $949.00
$899.00 *

Introducing the new H10SUB, a multi-function active 10" subwoofer using a 150W amplifier.


Stunning timber joinery, tactile sound

Was $759.00
$699.00 *

The Swan H4/H10 Combo pack is a little something we're getting together before the end of the financial year, 2 of our great products coming together at a price that will blow you away. Get it here cheap now before it ends.  


H4 + H10 combo $1,249 H Series SUPER SALE!


$1,249.00 *