Velodyne EQ-MAX10

Velodyne EQ-MAX10

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At the heart of the EQ-MAX series is Velodyne’s newly designed, efficient, digital “Class D” amplifiers, which feature a switching-mode power supply. These amplifiers nearly eliminate the issue of wasting energy as heat, keeping bass peaks clean and dynamic. This easily enables the EQ-MAX to reproduce difficult, ultra-low frequencies such as explosions, pulsing drumbeats, or classical organ pieces. Featuring one-touch remote control setup and built-in processing which deliver high performance bass without the complications of system calibration.

EQ-MAX subwoofers can easily integrate into any home entertainment systems thanks to the digitally controlled five-band equalizer. Users simply place the subwoofer in the preferred location, place the included microphone in the desired listening area and push the remote control "EQ" button. The EQ-MAX remote control also enables users to control all of the subwoofer's functions with visible feedback on the front panel of the subwoofer.

EQ-MAX’s powerful Class D amplifiers are complimented by four custom designed “Extended Excursion” drivers developed by Velodyne. These drivers are engineered with vented pole-pieces that increase power handling and assure long-term reliability and performance. 






Woofer - 10" (24.5cm) forward firing (8.2" Piston Diameter)

Amplifier Class D - 390 Watts Dynamic / 195 Watts RMS Power

Cabinet Design - Extended Excursion Down-firing port

Frequency Response -                16 - 240 HZ
Overall (+/-3 dB)                       28 - 120 Hz

Voice Coil -                               2 Layer Copper

Cone -                                     Reinforced Fiber

Magnet Weight -                        5.35lbs

High-Pass Crossover -                 80 Hz* Adjustable

Low-Pass Crossover 40 -              135 Hz Adjustale
(12 dB octave, 24 dB ultimate)  

Inputs -                                    Gold plated line - level nickel plated speaker level

Outputs -                                  Gold plated line - level nickel plated speaker level

Digital Phase -                            0,90,180,270 degrees

Auto On/Off -                             YES

Removable Gill -                           YES

LED Display -                               YES

Accessories -                              Mic, Mic stand, remote control

Cabinet (H,W,D)                           42.5 x 38.7 x 43.1cm

Shipping Weight -                         25KGs


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