Swan M200MKIII+ Reference Powered Monitors

Swan M200MKIII+ Reference Powered Monitors

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Great product (16/02/2018)
The speakers were expertly packaged and delivered in perfect condition. After the easy set up they sound fantastic and I would definitely recommend them. I have them set up as PC speakers and they handle all my different styles of music very well, as well as gaming.
Truly are a wondrous experience! (14/04/2016)
Few things in life live up to the hype and I have to say after taking my time with reviews, opinions, video blogs and all other manner of resources to ensure I purchased something which would truly live up to the expectations, without reservation the monitors fit the bill.
I have a keen interest in audio from big floor standing speakers, desktop monitors, book shelves, headphones and bluetooth portable - MANY products have cross my path. From placing the order, removing the tape on the maliciously packaged double boxed delivery, being curious to discover each speaker is shipped in an individual shroud, with cotton gloves - and each with frequency response sheet (not kidding when they say they're matched!) the MK3s have set the bar extremely high and after.. 4+ years in my possession never once have I had a second thoughts on ownership. In fact after such a long time with these items in my possession and having recently spend a non trivial amount on Definitive Technology StudioMontors 65 found myself comparing them with the Swans, and, well you know the rest, I'm back at myav.com looking for an upgrade. These are spectacular speakers and I strongly suggest if you're in the market take the plunge and savor the experience of ownership as they truly are a wonder!
Awesome (28/01/2016)
I waited 3 weeks to review these speakers, to make sure I didn't offer a premature view. The presentation, build quality and packaging of the product was second to none - and i didn't want that to interfere with my opinion of the most important aspect - the sound.

Voice reproduction is clear as a bell. So great, you have to hard and long to find better in this price range.

Bass is awesome. Considering most monitor(PC) speakers come with a sub-woofer, you get great low frequency from these stand alone speaker and no bulky sub to find a spot for.

Listen to music is a great experience - I've heard worse from amp/speaker set ups that cost 4 times as much.

I would add a line about negatives, but at this price these are just stellar.

To conclude. as this price bracket, these speakers can't be beat, did i mention how solid and well made they are?
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