I just received a set of Swan M50W refurbs from you guys today, after ordering on Friday. I'd just like to say thank you for the very quick delivery. I must admit, I wasn't too sure what I'd get in regards to service, as I haven't really heard of you before. But after seeing some posts on the Whirlpool forums, I thought I'd go ahead. And really, I couldn't be happier! My old speakers were a cheap set of Logitech X-240s that I bought years ago. The difference in the two is just astonishing.. never thought I'd really notice much difference. So once again, thankyou!




Bought the Swan M10s. Great Price, service and super fast delivery. This is definitely the place to go to buy your AV needs in Australia. 5/5 Stars fo sho.!




My item just arrived, I'd like to take the time to say thanks so much for the super fast delivery, really impressed with the customer service I've received from you guys. I'd very much like to give you more business but I'm afraid that all my audio needs covered for the moment :)

Thanks again,
Peter P.



Thanks very much, I have received the Swan H2s. Amazing little speakers! I am very happy with the sound quality and the cabinets are a thing of beauty, and all for a great price. Thanks again.

Regards, James C.


Pleased to say that the subwoofer has arrived. I was looking for a Velodyne subwoofer and checked the Net (Google) to see what was available and from whom.  Lots of websites taking me to things I didn't want, but very few that were clear and upfront with a good description of the product, including specifications.

First looked at Len Wallis then yourselves.  You both had the product in stock but you were $200 cheaper.  Easy decision.

Thanks for the well priced product and good delivery service.

Kind Regards, Graham G.


I recently purchased a Velodyne subwoofer from MyAV. After doing a lot of research on Velodyne subwoofer specifications and pricing on the Internet, MyAV's pricing on their website was so good, I placed an order immediately. The on-line ordering interface was very polished, and the ordering process itself was extremely simple. After placing my order I received several automated confirmation emails, and the following day I even received a personalised email regarding delivery. It was no trouble for MyAV when I asked to change my delivery details, and the subwoofer arrived on-time at the updated address as promised. Overall I'm extremely impressed with MyAV and will definately use them again for my next AV purchase. Highly recommended.

Adam G.

Adelaide, SA.